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Hi!  My name is Marc Landry and this is my oasis.  I am an occupational therapist, parent, grandparent, student of the universe.  My life has been a research project into how the body and mind are connected.  This can only be through sensory and spiritual means, and I have spent a lot of time experiencing and learning from both angles. 

I received an amazing education as an OT from Kim Hartmann at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and she will always be a key OT hero to me.  I’ve been an OT for over 28 years now, working in CT for 12 years before moving to Vancouver.  As such, I had rich experiences in providing direct ongoing occupational therapy services to the same children over the course of several years.  This direct clinical experience with children and their families has taught me more than any university or independent study ever could.

I have always had a passion for children, especially those with differing needs and those that don’t quite fit in.  People with autism have always held a special challenge for me, dating back to a school visit with Kim Hartmann in my university days.  Autism has challenged me to learn so much about the brain, and so much about being human (a sensory processing machine).   I have a large debt of gratitude to the children with autism who I have known (and their parents) who have taught me so much about development, so much about the world, and so much about myself.  This also applies to people with differing diagnoses and issues, to differing degrees.

This website is my attempt to share some of what I know.  I’m doing this on my own and I am sure this site will evolve and develop over time.  I welcome your feedback and ideas, and hope you find a little peace and wisdom in my warm and green oasis.

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This is a great Canadian company that sells a variety of sensory and developmental materials.  I especially like the deep pressure vest and have used it with many clients, including myself.  I encourage you to request their catalog and check out their online store. 


If you have a doctor who is willing to face the medical realities of autism, then it’s time to give him/her a chance to prove it by learning about the medical sides of autism and how to intelligently treat these children (see below).  If your doctor doesn’t have the time or the will to learn about how to treat autism (or any extreme sensitivities) then it’s time to seek an enlightened health care professional like Dr. Anita Bratt.   Refer your physician HERE.


I provide quality Occupational Therapy Services.  I am no longer living or practicing in British Columbia, but am shifting my work to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Of course, as I always have, I can do an awesome Sensory Profile Assessment on a child anywhere where the questionnaires can be completed in English!

If you are on the Big Island, I would LOVE to do a free workshop for you, or a Sensory Profile Assessment on a child you have concerns with.

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I am accepting new cases in Hawaii for assessment and for ongoing therapy.  I can continue to provide Sensory Profile assessments on children in BC or anywhere!

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